Standing there, surrounded by the light breeze, the faint smell of salt and the sounds of the ocean waves kissing the shore, he looked off into the early evening sky… And not only did his eyes settle somewhere on the edge of the horizon, but something inside of him too.

You’re drippin’ like a saturated sunrise You’re spilling like an overflowin’ sink You’re ripped at every edge but you’re a masterpiece And now you’re tearin’ through the pages and the ink

Everything is grey His hair, his smoke, his dreams And now he’s so devoid of color He don’t know what it means And he’s blue And he’s blue

STREAMING: Halsey – Colors

SET DESIGN: (Milk Motion) L’orangerie – terrace – RARE (from March 2017 Arcade) CHEZ MOI Topiary Large @ The Gacha Garden  CHEZ MOI Outdoor Bar Chair @ The Gacha Garden  CHEZ MOI Mosaic Table @ The Gacha Garden  Noble Creations – [NC] – Dew Ivy Planter – 1 {Petite Maison} Wine Glass Filled ~BAZAR~ Stockholm-Bottle candles Botanical – Decorative Light Set – Flat Scattered