(picture courtesy by Kaya Angel)

Kaya Angel has introduced the first of three new sailing sims, that will get added to the Angel Manor Estate, increasing to 12 sims total then. The first sim joined the estate last week already.

As the pictures in the post show, the new sims add perfectly to the upscale environment of the massive Angel Manor and even offers houses for rent. The first sim is all ready decorated already and open for visitors to see. The two houses are available for rent already too and the information is available at the Angel Manor`s website.

Kaya also posted pictures from the houses interior, that comes along with the rental in a handy rezz box, for own consideration to use.

Renting at the Angel Manor is more than just being an house renter, but it means to be part of a like minded community, interested in creative and performing arts, architecture, and beyond. The description on the Angel Manor`s website reads:

Angel Manor is not a period roleplay location, although it does indulge it’s theme by allowing people to live out their fantasy of a royal/aristocratic life. The Estate is set in modern day and operates in the same way like that many large British country estates that still survive today. By finding new ways to serve the community whilst still adhering to the rich history and culture of the past. And following many of the old traditions established in the golden Edwardian period of Britain. 

We welcome people into this grand estate that celebrates creativity, artistry and skills of many within Second Life. Real enough to connect with yet with a touch of magic that allows your imagination to run free.

Check the information out and have a stop by to see the new sims: