A quiet place to relax and let the music flow.

Featuring: CHEZ MOI A Vintage Piano set for the Chapter Four Event. 100% mesh with copy and modify permissions and just 3 prims land impact. Contains 95 animations in Adult version and 39 in PG. Room for 1 or 2 avatars. Please, see more information on this set at CHEZ MOI Blog.

Other credits:

Apple Fall Oxford Wingback Chair Plaster Horse 8. Apple Fall Roses Jug

Death Row Designs 3. DRD MM2 Lamp wall 1 c/m 3. DRD MM2 Lamp wall 2 c/m 13.DRD MM2 gramophone (click for sounds) c/m

Scarlet Creative Venice Curtains Blue MC

ionic Downtown Cottage N3 {Green interior} Downtown Cottage N39 {Vintage interior}