The first Mini Challenge for the MISS SL ♛ 2017 competition was carried out with our media partner The integrated contest system allowed us a first insight on the flexibility of the new social network. The candidates have eagerly created accounts for their Second Life profiles and submit photographies and the credits for their styling, they have walked in the 3rd Runway Challenge 'Miranda is back' and a selected panel of judges had the chance to review the styling ideas. All submissions can be seen here. The three submissions the judges have selected as their top favorites are listed below, in no particular order:

"The truth is that there is no one who knows how to do my job."
by MISS SL France ♛ 2017 - EtoileRose
"Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking"
by MISS SL Venezuela ♛ 2017 - Naarnisse


"The Details of your incompetence do not interest me."
by MISS SL Sweden ♛ 2017 - Sakura Zimberman

We do congratulate this three candidates, who get each 50 points added towards their competition scores and thank all candidates for their submissions.

The next mini-challenge, inspired by a suggestion from MISS SL ♛ Ireland 2016, Aealla Illyar, will be posted soon with all specifications and details by MISS SL Organization.