MISS SL ♛ France 2017 – etoilerose – photography by MR SL ♛ USA 2016, Stavaros (click to see full album)
The first runway challenge in the MISS SL 2017 pageant last Saturday has been an opportunity to learn about the candidates and their mindset, especially with the theme that was set by MISS SL Organization Owner, Marcus Lefevre. Tomorrow, on Wednesday March 08, women from all over the world celebrate the International Women`s Day under this years theme #beboldforchange. The candidates had to provide a reflection of their view on the situation, that women in the country, they are representing, live in.

Some of the candidates have provided the audience with facts about the women’s situations that are not so commonly known and we believe, that a message was sent out clearly towards gender equality, that women do not have to stand back and that governments need to take more measures, in order to support the women in their life choices.

One particular candidate brought the message to a more personal level though, which we believe touched everyone in the audience and wanted to share with you:

On March 08 we celebrate International Women’s Day. In the country that I represent it is celebrated on Mother’s Day, which is why my first and best wishes i send to the woman I love the most in my life, and that is my wonderful mother. My mother is the very special woman in my little world.

My description relating to this woman is this …… the women smile when they want to scream, sing when they want to cry, cry when they are happy and laugh when they are nervous, they fight for what they want, they love without conditions, or settle for small things … so I say greetings to all women in the world.

MISS SL ♛ Romania 2017 – MarylineMaby

Of course, the women’s day is also meant for all our mothers, who carry our society on their backs. Who on earth can be without their mother? Not only do we have to support the young women in their life choices, but also remember those women, who have raised and formed us. We have to thank the candidates, who have raised their voices for the women in the world.

Another keypoint of the challenge, was of course, the candidates styling. The styling theme was minimal chic and they were limited to the colors of the country’s flag, they are representing only. While that seemed tough, it also guaranteed a walk of colors. The clean and simple looks, in tricky color combinations were a first look, on the styling capabilities those candidates come with. Besides that those styles were quite inspirational for the upcoming spring season, one of the judges mentioned a detail, that were mostly overseen by the candidates in the previous posted styling description. It seemed that all candidates were eager to include all colors of their country’s flag in their styling, while that was not needed.  As the styling descriptions limited the candidates to the country flag colors only indeed, there was with no word mentioned, that they would have to use all colors of their country`s flag. It once again showed, how important it is for candidates in the MISS and MR SL pageant to read the styling desriptions word for word, to understand the task… …and to find the little tricks, that Marcus Lefevre loves to build in sometimes.

Nevertheless, the audience cheer and applaud to the candidates, for this first successful show and not long after the challenge, first pictures were posted on the social networks, which we may share here for you to review. We would like to thank all those, who have joined the audition, the team, the judges and the sponsors for the support towards the candidates. The first challenge has been a worthy prelude to an exciting and sophisticated competition.

MR SL ♛ USA 2016, Stavaros provided us with a few amazing photographs which you can see all on his Flickr album and some have posted their snapshots on Facebook, too. We`d like to thank especially Catherine Milena, moon Ling and Sandra Ramu for their beautiful shots and sharing those memories with us!





On March 11, 10:00 a.m. SLT will be the second runway challenge and this time MISS SL Organization sets all on the spring theme. The styling description, posted by Marcus Lefevre yesterday, is calling for a burst of colors to welcome the upcoming spring. ‘Spring is in the Air’ is the theme name of the challenge and will be situated in one of Second Life`s most popular gardens.


Where will it be? MISS SL Magazine will post the invitation of course!

Until then, we wish the candidates much fun with their styling ideas. We cannot wait to see them blossom on the runway coming Saturday!