He tossed his goggles back up on his work bench, and leaned his hands against his table saw, hanging his head between his shoulders.  It was the last cut he would make for the day, as the sun was setting and he soon wouldn’t be able to see what he was working on.

“Measure twice, cut once, Hugo,” he said to his dog.  Hugo was laying down in the remaining sunlight and barely raised an eyebrow or ear acknowledging him.  Picking up the pieces of wood, he hoisted them over his shoulder and whistled for Hugo to sit up and follow.

As he walked to the site where the concrete would be poured, he couldn’t help but think about that saying again.  He had been teased for being called Mr. Cautious before, and chuckled at that.  It never hurt to make sure you knew what you wanted to do before doing it though.

POSE: <K&S> ~Chipi~ pose 1

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