(Orelana is wearing the LB Mini Dress by LUXE Paris, paired with Jewelry from Lazuri)

The Fashion House LUXE Paris is holding their annual LOOK OF THE YEAR styling contest again this year and the application process has just begun, open for every woman in SL to join. Besides a massive cash prize of L$25.000, there are also other benefits that the winning model can look forward for, i.e. one year long free shopping at LUXE Paris and a scholarship at the renowned One on One Tutelage & Academy and more.

There are five weeks of semi-finals and in each week 5 aspirants get selected. After the 5 weeks the judges panel will select 10 finalists to enter the competition. The deadlines  for the weekly semi-finals are: June 3rd, June 10th, June 17th, June 24th and July 1.

Before the first round ends, MISS SL Magazine takes the opportunity and invites you to meet the winner of last years LUXE Paris LOOK OF THE YEAR 2016 competition, Orelana Firehawk for a chat with our interviewer Kat Carter, to review her experience as title holder:

Kat Carter : Hello Orelana, thank you for taking time and to meet and sit with me. I hope the day finds you well.

σяє fιяєнαωк : Oh yes. It was a perfect day for me, thanks.

Kat Carter : I’m glad to hear that, Orelana. Tell us a little bit about yourself please, what brought you into the Second Life modeling industry?

σяє fιяєнαωк : I have entered in the modeling industry 4 years ago, because my SL husband Geoffrey Firehawk saw a publication about a modeling agency and I was the first to be curious.  So after a moment to think, I have signed up and entered as a model with Lolita Paragorn as instructor and I have evolved since, until today, slowly but steady.

Kat Carter : The evolution of a model is never really quick. What were some of the things you have learned under Lolita, that really got you further interested in modeling?

σяє fιяєнαωк :Under her, I have learned about strength and most importantly to never give up but to move on, because everyone can  raise from a unknown person to what you have always dreamed about.

Kat Carter : And did you become what you always dreamed about?

σяє fιяєнαωк : Sure, and what was amazing for me and always a goal , was to participate in the Miss Virtual World pageant and I did it two times.  And my biggest dream was to be the Face of Luxe Paris and I got it this year. But now, lets the dream continue…

Kat Carter : You made not just one but 3 of your dreams come true. That is some serious commitment. Of all the great stores though, why Luxe Paris?

σяє fιяєнαωк : Because for me, LUXE Paris represents the femininity and the elegance and of course Mika Palmira and Parisian Skytower are two amazing creators and also good friends of mine.

Kat Carter : That is one of the best reasons to want to compete for any brand title. Mika and Parisian are amazing ladies indeed, they are known to be very kind and easy to work with. How did you meet them? Was it during the competition or before?

σяє fιяєнαωк : No before, more or less 3 years ago , i had begun as a blogger for Mika and Parisian.

Kat Carter : So your experience and time as a blogger is what helped you decided to compete for LUXE Paris Look of the year?

σяє fιяєнαωк : I have tried before, in 2015/2016 and I was in the top 5.  I have always said to Mika and Parisian that one day I will reach my dream, to represent their brand.

Kat Carter : Last year wasn’t your first time then. How did you feel when you only made it to the top 5?

σяє fιяєнαωк : I was upset  and sad of course, because it felt like a fall, but I have kept the hope and so I had to try again.

Kat Carter : Try, try and try again, is what they always say… What did you do different the second time, in which you became LUXE Paris Look of the Year winner? 

σяє fιяєнαωк : I did nothing different really, just my feeling of hope inside of me was bigger, which I believe had me win then finally.

Kat Carter : Did you change your styling or did you realize different ideas, that might have made you stand out more?

σяє fιяєнαωк : Of course my style had evolved since my first trial, I have gone further for sure.

Kat Carter : When you say, your style has evolved, how did it change from the year before.

σяє fιяєнαωк : I have put more maturity in my styling ideas. And of course i had to follow the newest mesh developments.

Kat Carter : The new mesh helped you a lot then. Did you try any other contests between your two participations in LUXE Paris Look of the Year?

σяє fιяєнαωк : In between, I have focused more on blogging about fashion and prepared for the next year to try the contest.

Kat Carter : It was really smart of you to focus on blogging instead to join other competitions, it seems like you found the roots of your subject in that time. So how was the competition different this year than it was last year for you?

σяє fιяєнαωк : Blogging different styles and fashion has helped me to evolve the way how I see myself as a model.

Kat Carter : How do you describe your look now?

σяє fιяєнαωк : I think classic and modern in the same time.

Kat Carter : That is an interesting style defintion. Do you feel, it was that type of styling, that made you to stand out from the other competitors in LUXE Paris Look of the Year?

σяє fιяєнαωк : I had to do research to make my style suit the LUXE Paris standards.

Kat Carter : What are their standards?

σяє fιяєнαωк : Of course they deliver beautiful fashion to the most beautiful women.

Kat Carter : You felt like you were qualified for LUXE Paris Look of the Year, how did it feel when they announced you as the winner?

σяє fιяєнαωк : First, it felt amazing and my first words were “OMG !!!”. After some moments I was feeling really proud of me.

Kat Carter : Winning something, you have been working hard for, is always the best feeling… What did you do after your win was announced, did you cry, laugh, jump and down and scream at your computer?

σяє fιяєнαωк : Yes, all of that together!

Kat Carter : How was the year then, to be the LUXE Paris Look of the Year winner?

σяє fιяєнαωк : The feeling of being the most beautiful model for LUXE Paris is a big honor of course and feel still deeply honored to be selected as LUXE Paris Look of the Year Winner.

Kat Carter : What has your year since been like, have you got any new job offers by other designers asking you to model for them? Have Mika and Parisian asked you to represent their designs on runways with other agencies?

σяє fιяєнαωк : I have done shows i.e. with AIM Agency representing LUXE Paris and I have won also a scholarship with the SMA modeling academy. I have also taken extended courses as LUXE Paris model.

Kat Carter : How were those experiences?

σяє fιяєнαωк : I have learned a lot, of course.

Kat Carter : Orelana, it has been an interesting conversation, would you want to say anything to our readers, who might be thinking about competing this year?

σяє fιяєнαωк : My advice is to always be yourself,  to never give up and to follow your dreams. Whatever it is, everything is possible.

σяє fιяєнαωк : Thank you so much, it was really a pleasure for me to chat with you.

Kat Carter : I hope our readers take your words to heart. Thank you Orelana for this interview, and we hope you do well in in your future endeavours.

σяє fιяєнαωк : Thank you so much and the same for you.

MISS SL Magazine thanks Orelana and Kat for the insight into the mindset of an exiting winner and we do wish Orelana all the best.

If you wish to know more about the contest and how to enter, read here. You also can follow LUXE Paris on Facebook and Twitter.

Photography and Text Editor: Marcus Lefevre
Interviewer: Kat Carter
Graphic: Courtesy by LUXE Paris