The Easter Kid Grid Hunt begins today and invites families to come around and find eggs with fun items and fashion, for the smaller ones among us.

Promising a lot of fun, we wish everyone to enjoy a fun hunt and time with your families. Happy Easter!

Below the list of all participating stores, the SLurls and the hints for the hidden eggs:

From the Kid Grid Hunt Organizers: 

KiD GRiD EASTER HUNT ! STARTS 15TH APRIL !!           **HINT** - "This is a really BIG hint."          **HINT** - " i feel comfy with the bunnies"          **HINT** - Aliens          **HINT** - Be it Bugs or Bees we hide in the trees.          **HINT** - "Candy, Snacks, Fruit, Drinks, Food, Soap, All in one place."           **HINT** - Please bring all purchases to the cash register.           **HINT** - Little voices, lots of choices          **HINT** - Somewhere eggscellent!          **HINT** - Find the Easter Bunny!          **HINT** -          **HINT** - This hint is really enLIGHTening          **HINT** - I will put all the eggs in my packback           **HINT** -
  1. - Item #1 - "Hello Mr. Hamster'
  2. - Item #2 - Choo Choo!!!!!!
  3. - Item #3 - Smelly Socks!!!!
         **HINT** -          **HINT** -
  1. Eggs in a basket ((SMB ONLY))
  2. It's me Mario ((SMB ONLY))
  3. The sounds of pitter patter feet ((smb only))
  4. Forever Friends Jewelry ((smb only))
  5. Hear the beats ((smb only))
  6. Changing room ((smb only))
  7. I see you ! (( smb and toddleedoo ))
  8. This skin for the ones that hide in the shadows (( smb and td baby only))
  9. Max Skin (( smb and td baby only))
  10. Full perms - ((smb and td baby only))