Of course there is the Game of Thrones still going on in the post-apocalyptic future. So I am defending my throne right now!


Death Row Designs New month, so there is a new group's gift at DRD! Morbid Deceit's turn! The unisex Chester Helmet with some surprisingly funny details on it. And it's FREE for the group members!

Other props by DRD used for this scene are: A Useful Unicorn Coveted Outhouse Makeshift Refuge (only some elements are used)

MGmen's The Newera Jeans seem to be a great piece to wear in an apocalyptic world with their worn and torn look. Still available at Men Only Monthly event (till August 15th).

Salut sneakers are used as well.

Other credits:

Aeros Hellar (skin, shape) Signature Gianni

CATWA Stanley head

!APHORISM!  Wylie Military Jacket

Light: LumiPro 2017