Some newness coming from the Arcade and some forgotten items from DRD.

Mannequin: DRD @ Shiny Shabby – Forgotten Attic – Wedding Dress

Chair: DRD @ Shiny Shabby – Forgotten Attic – Chair

Cello: Kalopsia – Poppy’s Cello

Chest: THOR – Lazy Weekend – Trunk (gacha)

Flowers: Ariskea – [Little Pensee] – Poenies Gift Box (Group Gift – 75l join fee)

Book:  THOR – Lazy Weekend – Sketchbook with Sheets (gacha)

Bed: Scarlet Creative @ The Arcade – Daisy Bed Blue (gacha) (Starts 1st June)

Wardrobe:  Scarlet Creative @ The Arcade – Daisy Cupboard Faded (gacha) (Starts 1st June)

Panels: Fancy Decor – Plank Panels

Table: Pixel Mode @ The Arcade – Amelia – Table (gacha) (Starts 1st June)

Vase: Pixel Mode @ The Arcade – Amelia – Pussy Willows (gacha) (Starts 1st June)

Typewriter: LePrimitif @ The Arcade – Vintage Typewriter (gacha) (Starts 1st June)

Books: THOR – Storybook Set – Books – Group 1 + Memories

Cage: Scarlet Creative @ The Arcade – Daisy Bird Cage Aged (gacha) (Starts 1st June)

Wall Panels: The Loft – Tribeca Wall Panel Beige