For sure the exiting MISS SL 2016, Ivyana Szondi did not have an easy task to go into the front of the stage at the recent MISS SL 2017 Grand Finale to hold her final speech. It is with all exiting winners, that they hold memories of their year of reign and hopefully good ones. Being a crowned Miss, or Queen, as some refer to, does not mean just a title or bold and exclusive jewelry... it does mean an experience one of a kind indeed and so we wanted to talk with Ivyana about her experience as reigning MISS SL. Kat Carter, Owner of the Moondance Boutique and vivid supporter of the MISS and MR SL pageants, as well as writer for MISS SL Magazine has taken up on the task to meet and sit down with Ivyana for a chat to reflect and figure Ivyana`s sight on things:

Kat Carter: Good afternoon Ivyana, thank you so much for taking the time to sit with me today. How are you doing?

Ivyana Szondi: Hello Kathrin. I am doing well, thank you for taking time out of your busy day to interview me.

Kat Carter: It is not a problem, I hope things have been going well for you recently.

Ivyana Szondi: Currently things have been looking up for me. I am feeling more rested now. I am still considering what the future holds for Ivyana.

Kat Carter: More rested is important, and well looking up is even better. But don´t you have any plans yet, now that your reign is over and your able to spread out more?

Ivyana Szondi: At this point I would like to enjoy my time on Second Life more. To be able to hang out with friends that I had to turn down due to my duties being MISS SL. Afterwards, I will continue to model and continue blogging. There were some fleeting thoughts of returning to designing but I am unsure. Of course, I will offer support and my assistance to the MISS SL Team where I can.

Kat Carter: Why the fleeting thoughts of returning back to designing? Were you not enjoying it before you took on the reigns as MISS SL ?

Ivyana Szondi: I did enjoy designing greatly, yet so much has changed. I fear an inability to reach a level of great proficiency. I have spent some time learning mesh and soon felt stagnant. Though it was quite relaxing when making items from tutorials, but my own projects never went far. There's so many technical aspects I wish to know but was never sure where or whom I could go to for help.

Kat Carter: I can understand that it is pretty hard. I would think all it takes really is practice. But one is never really 100% pleased with the job they have done. Speaking of pleased with your own work, How do you feel about your reign as MISS SL last year, was it hard or easy for you?

Ivyana Szondi: My reign as MISS SL was as productive as it could have been for the time. Learning that I would become the CEO of MISS SL Agency took some adjusting. Over the years I have done various jobs within fashion, just not in a major leadership role. Some aspects of the job were difficult. The most taxing was finding a middle ground. I am usually the type of person that views something objectively. This can sometimes give the impression that I am unemotional or lacking in empathy. During my reign and as CEO, my decisions and opinions were based on what was good for MISS SL Organization. Which requires putting your personal feelings aside. Despite the usual setbacks of any event, I am still proud that myself and the MISS SL Team produced two charity events. Aside from that, I proposed the idea of making final photos with the past MISS & MR SL alongside the person reigning. I am filled with joy that Marcus took to my idea and will keep the new tradition going.

Kat Carter: That is amazing and that idea of the official picture is great.

Ivyana Szondi:It started with myself and MISS SL 2015, Shino. Next, it was done for MR SL 2016 Saian and the reigning MR SL, Colt.

Kat Carter: And so your going back to the beginning. That makes sense is a good tradition, and lets everyone see the years as they pass, and how you have changed over the course of the year as no one stays looking the same even during their reign. So what about your role as the CEO of MISS SL Agency? Are you still going to continue that?

Ivyana Szondi: I wanted to make sure every past and present MISS & MR SL knows they are never forgotten. For the present, I will remain as the CEO of MISS SL Agency. If at anytime MISS SL 2017, Rhiananna feels comfortable taking the reigns, I will step aside. I hope to see her take the same chance that I did. Regardless of not having the experience in such a leadership position.

Kat Carter: So you don't really plan to remain as the CEO of the agency for long then? Do you have any other things your thinking about trying?

Ivyana Szondi: I will remain the CEO of MISS SL Agency for as long as myself, Marcus, and the MISS SL Team sees fit. It would be unfair for me to not give a chance to Rhiananna if she is willing. She may want to spread her wings and possibly use it to craft her legacy as MISS SL 2017.

MISS SL 2016 - Ivyana Szondi is wearing the Ivyanna Gown by UNITED COLORS, which she wear for the MISS SL 2017 Grand Finale before release at the UC Mainstore. The 'Her Grace' Jewelry set by Moondance Boutique, which was created custom for Ivyana's final appearance and is available in the mainstore now, compliments perfectly the The Victorious Crown of Grace and Honour by Chop Zuey, which is exclusively held and worn by the past and current MISS SL winners only.

Kat Carter: That is fair enough. What do you think is your legacy as MISS SL?

Ivyana Szondi: That dreams aren't always out of reach. Whether you are a model that is inexperienced or seasoned should not diminish your chances to be a titleholder. My patience and perseverance paid off because I was passionate about what I was doing. I took my title and my reign very seriously. Making sure to set a good example of what a MISS can be if given the freedom to do it in her own way. I wish more pageants would be open to that concept.

Kat Carter: It would be nice if a lot more pageants were open to the freedom concept for their winners. But of course there has to be some kind of guideline even then. Did you have any that you had to follow?

Ivyana Szondi: Very true Kat, there's always boundaries for any title that you take on. For me it might have been different because I am a well known and established figure in the modeling industry. Based on my actions and behavior during MISS SL 2015, I felt Marcus knew that I would always weigh the options carefully to make a sound choice.

Kat Carter: Would you say  along the lines that he let you set your own boundaries instead of giving you hard boundaries of his own to set.

Ivyana Szondi: More or less so, yes. Since first meeting Marcus, he seemed like the kind of man who wanted to test first what works and what does not. I think if he believes in your character, Marcus will trust that you will do the right thing for his Organization. If I had fallen off the path, there was no doubt he would guide me towards to a better solution.

Kat Carter: Marcus has always seemed the easy going type, that does make him easy and sometimes a bit hard to work with i would think. But i do know he always has an end goal in mind for everything he does. From the sounds of it, it does sound like you enjoyed your time as MISS SL, but is there anything you feel that you could have done better at?

Ivyana Szondi: Definitely doing more shows and other events with MISS SL Agency. I know there's always time to work on those things now or in the future. I am simply sadden things didn't come together during my reign as MISS SL 2016.

Kat Carter: You were very busy it seems. Now that everything is said and done, do you have anything in mind for the agency in the future?

Ivyana Szondi: I am interested in exploring what would it take for designers to consider participating in more shows for agencies. Runway is something I have and will always love. As with anything else, a community has to be willing to adapt with the current times. I hope that we as a fashion community can bridge this widening gap.

Kat Carter: It would be amazing to see more shows for sure, I would love to see you and the othermodels of the MISS SL Agency walk the runway with some of the upcoming designers and of course the estalished designers. Ivyana, that wraps up our time tonight, is there anything else you would like to say to our readers, both, new and old who have watched you through the year?

Ivyana Szondi: I want to thank every person who has given my a lovingly compliment. I am grateful to the readers of my first and last interview as MISS SL 2016. It has been a fun ride and it warms my heart that many of you stayed by my side. It was hope that I have given some of your readers a source of inspiration and motivational to achieve your idea of greatness. Thank you so much Kat for the wonderful first and last interviews.

Kat Carter: You are very welcome Ivy, and again thank you once more for sitting with me again for the last time and letting us know how you felt and what you hope to achieve in the future. I and all the readers wish you the best.

We do thank Ivyana and Kat for this interview and especially Ivyana for her words. As we encourage all MISS and MR SL winners, finalists and candidates, MISS SL Organization is always an open house for everyone and exiting the reign as MISS SL does not even mean to lose a crown or title, but to have won one year of rich and defining experience. All winners keep their crown, they are crowned forever; they keep their title and we do hope that they also keep the memories forever, for good. We are most pleased to learn, that Ivyana will continue as CEO for MISS SL Agency and cannot wait to see her in future projects.


Photography: Marcus Lefevre

Interviewer: Kat Carter

Text Editor: Marcus Lefevre